Axis luminaire

Twin Beam SurroundLite. From Brussels to Shanghai, we are drawing beautiful lamps for the privacy and for the collectivity. Our specification is haute couture in lighting.

Sélection de produits design Axis71. Rangés dans leur housse de transport, vos luminaires sont parfaitement protégés.

The direction perpendicular to the emitting area is called first axis of luminaire , and the axis containing the photometric center and perpendicular to the first is the. Glare control to perfection – Optimal visual comfort for stairs and paths. Lamp and road axis As is explained in the preceding part of this section, the major function of luminaires is to direct the light to the places where we want it, . On the other han the road lighting luminaire needs to have a light distribution with a stronger intensity towards the direction parallel to the road axis , to light the. Le meilleur de la vidéo sur IP : innovation, qualité et opportunité. The first axis of the luminaire coincides with the poles of the (C, y) coordinate system, and the two other axes are perpendicular to this and to each other.

Un grand choix de Unibright AXIS MEDIUMUn grand choix de. The principal ones are the axial and transverse distributions, which lie in vertical planes down the axis of the luminaire , and at right angles thereto, respectively .

Achetez en ligne Unibright AXIS LARGE au prix bas, livraison rapide. Luminaire de qualité, service impeccable. Cette suspension est disponible en diverses finitions. The red line corresponds to the x- axis , the green to the y- axis and the. Standardized luminaire aiming angles are described in IES document LM-available from.

Orient – Orient is applied counterclockwise about the Z- axis. UGR viewing direction along longitudinal luminaire axis : ≤ 22 . REMARQUE : Les alcôves à éclairage indirect Axiom sont conçues pour être . Tilt is the second aiming angle applied when positioning a luminaire. This is a positive Orient angle. NovaBlade Eco is an environmentally friendly LED luminaire designed to.

Axis Lighting, Litecontrol ou. NOTE The poles of the C, γ coordinate system lie in this axis. Gamme complète de luminaire : suspension, lampe de table, applique. Possibilité de personnalisation sur demande.

Diffuseur de forme rectangulaire ou ronde. An innovative rotating lens head has been developed from .

At this point, placing the photoelectric cell of an illuminance meter on the luminous axis at a given distance from the luminaire we can determine the first value . Série de vase empilables pour AXIS. Traductions en contexte de around a central axis en anglais-français avec.