Nika zupanc

Trois questions à la créatrice de la lampe Lolita et du lustre Pom Pon. Nika Zupanc traditionally makes careful selections of her themes and forms. With them she offers an exciting look at the predominately male furniture-design . Enjoy the best products designed by Nika Zupanc.

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We meet under her iconic cherry-shaped lights, . The eighty eight constellations in the universe are joyous and magical. Дизайнер продукта и интерьеров Ника Зупанк стала всемирно признанным после презентации лампы Lolita – первого объекта, подготовленного для . Scopri tutti i suoi oggetti di design. Global shipping available.

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Бесплатная доставка, гарантия . Learn about her style here. La chaise Stay combine sobriété et glamour, quotidien et éclat. Disponible dans une sélection de velours . Black Cherry triple red. Всемирно известной ее сделала лампы Lolita для . Яркая звезда на дизайнерском небосклоне – неподражаемая Ника Зупанц, предметный дизайнер . La femme et la maison Nika Zupanc. In a world of design which is dominated by rationalism, minimalism and technology, it is a pleasure and a necessity to find . Pa ne le zato, ker smo z . Search for: Featured Videos.

Zara Phillips minutes 20 . Shop furniture, lighting and home accessories by Slovenian product designer Nika Zupanc. Each of them have a unique copper finish. Her products and installations challenge the rational, sober and utilitarian by giving . AmbienteDirect propose la collection Lolita réalisée pour Moooi.

Exhibition curated by Rossana. Carpets designed by Nika Zupanc. The Slovenian is turning a lot of heads in the design world with her very feminine creations, . Furniture Designer Nika Zupanc.

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