Osram optotronic intelligent

OPTOTRONIC Intelligent Compact constant current LED drivers – Dimmable DALI: Convertisseurs électroniques pour modules de LED. Developed for linear light applications such as office or industry lighting, the OPTOTRONIC Linear drivers offer you maximum flexibility for your LED lights. They offer high efficiency, reliability and system protection due to . Livraison par UPS sous 2-jours.

Afin de permettre une gradation optimale, par exemple en évitant la . Easy to use in corridors and restrooms because of three-level Corridor . Beneficios del producto. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Quantity discounts applied. Delivery by UPS in 2-days.

Universal window driver to 90W with flexible output characteristics. Extremely high efficiency and reliability. System protection through thermal management and . Thanks to this intelligent control, over-power conditions are managed by the. Developed for spotlight and downlight applications, the OPTOTRONIC Compact drivers offer maximum flexibility in the design of all your LED-based luminaires.

Всегда в наличии optotronic intelligent интерфейс dali с возможностью. Functioneaza cu variator (dimabil):, Dimabil. Gama de produse: OPTOTRONIC INTELLIGENT. Korzyści ze stosowania produktu. В наличии: Есть в наличии.

Univerzální okenní ovladač až 90W díky flexibilní výstupní charakteristice. Mimořádně vysoká účinnost a spolehlivost. Ochrana systému prostřednictvím . The item is brand new, unuse however . OSRAM Element Non Dim 60W Driver – CC. Forsyningsspænding: 220…2V.

Características do produto. Tutti i diritti riservati. Zoekwoorden: Ballast, Conventioneel voorschakelapparaat, Conventionele ballast, . Todos direitos reservados.

Osram optotronic programmable constant current outdoor dimmable led power supplies. Optotronic Intelligent analog dimmer with constant output voltage.

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