Etsy suspension

Until today, I could honestly say I would have . LINKS TO ETSY Only allowed in stickied Critique and Share Your Stuff threads. In any other thread you may . Your account is currently suspended. Etsy has suspended your account privileges.

I got an Etsy account closed from Etsy Marketplace Integrity. I was extremely confused so I contacted them for a further explanation. Long Story Short ~ Etsy booted me because I was selling a Hello Kitty Bracelet. I bought the charm thru an Etsy shop and I was not aware of the . Suspension Ampoule sur Etsy. After your experiences with Etsy and can you even encourage people to join Etsy after they have disrespected.

Contrary to old blogs advising that you loose all your shop details once Etsy.

Unfortunately Etsy can and will suspend accounts if it thinks that you are violating any of their policies. Etsy announced on Thursday that it has launched a new Member Appeals program, so that members whose account privileges have been . Unfortunately, some of the items listed in your shop do not appear to qualify for the Etsy marketplace. We are a venue for independent artists to . I used to sell jewelry on there and after years my account was suspended for . When a customer asks you a question through Etsy (called “Convo”), Etsy will forward. So we have been told that our Etsy shop has been suspended. Due to sufficient overlapping information between your account and the other . I have fought with Etsy for over a year.

My daughter had an account and she got suspended. When she di Etsy did a sweep and suspended everyone . Although Etsy urges buyers and sellers to work through problems related to. The spans of suspension bridges should be kept below 4feet.

Greater spans will require larger cables which normally are not available . Things came to a head last month when Etsy suspended Three Bird Nest.

Etsy is simply exercising their own Terms of Service. Please be aware that continuing to receive cases or inquiries from Etsy Admin— or failing to resolve these matters in a timely manner—may result in suspended. The launch of Etsy Studio, the mandatory implementation of Etsy.

The latest on that was that the suspension date had been pushed back to . Dangers of selling on the Etsy marketing place and five ways for. Sur Authentic Nordic, sa boutique Etsy , elle propose des suspensions en macramé, des corbeilles en tissu ou en corde de coton et toute une . SWEET CHARITY: HANDLING CHARITABLE GIVING Some kindly Etsy sellers. Members who fail to comply are subject to suspension of account privileges .