Rosco LitePad was one the first LED solutions for image capture professionals and has been artfully illuminating scenes in television shows, photo shoots and . Review Rosco LED Lights, LED. For more info, please call . I am always in pursuit of new lighting technology, and this Rosco LitePad kit knocked me out with its size, versatility, color and punch. After much debate on which kit, which manufacturer, how many lights, we finally pulled the trigger on the ROSCO Gaffers Lite Pad Axiom Kit .

The Rosco LitePad Vector CCT is a convenient, ruggedly manufactured 8-inch- by-8-inch LED offering significantly better-than-average . The Rosco LitePad Loop Pro Kit is intended for an enthusiast or professional user, providing soft light for beauty shots or music videos. Head LitePad Vector Daylight Location Lighting Kit Mit drei LitePad Vector Daylight und Beleuchtungsstativen in einem harten Rollkoffer ermöglicht dieses Kit . LitePad Vector is the light fixture cinematographers, gaffers, videographers, lighting directors and photographers choose for on-location lighting. At NAB last year I stopped by the Rosco booth and saw their new LitePad Vectors : insanely bright 8xinch panels that can fit in a backpack.

For the full review go here: fstoppers. Producing the same soft, even illumination LitePad is known for, LitePad Vector is the ideal lighting solution for cinematographers, gaff ers, videographers, . Its slim profile allows the LitePad to be placed and even hidden in areas that a .

Livraison rapide et économies garanties ! Congratulations on your purchase of a Rosco LitePad VectorTM. Designed to meet the broad demands of illuminating studios and mobile media locations, . Including twelve LitePad Axioms and a wide range of accessories, the Pro. My first impressions of the Rosco LitePad Loop Ring Light started with the packaging! As soon as I slid open the outer display cardboard shell, I found a sturdy . LitePad light engine, LitePad Loop is a soft, lightweight, and . This kit was designed to.

Less than ½” thick, generating virtually no heat, weighing next to nothing, and able to run off AC or 12-volt DC sources (battery or car cigarette lighter), LitePad is . Its small form factor and light weight make the Rosco . The Quick Kit AX provides a six LitePad Axioms and a few accessories. If you need the versatility of a LitePad kit but not extensive offering of equipment of the . LitePad Axiom is a revolutionary LED light from Rosco specifically designed for filmmakers, videographers and still photographers. The LitePad Axiom adds a rugged metal . The Rosco Ibérica team have improved the performance of the LitePad with this version ideal for your shootings.

The Axiom LitePad housing is made of steel . LitePad is a product of Rosco Laboratories, an industry leader with a 100-year history and offices in eight countries.

Already a huge success in the film, television . LITEPAD , es la nueva generación de paneles LED para empotrar en plafón, ideales para para espacios interiores en hoteles restaurantes, cafeterías, tiendas. LitePad is a small, flat panel that emits a soft illumination matching the color of daylight.