Tropaeolum tricolor

Le genre Tropaoelum représente environ 90 . Cette curieuse capucine est . It is endemic to Chile, . Its vivid scarlet, yellow, and blue flowers swim like . You may plant your tuber when you receive it, but keep the soil almost completely dry until September.

Flowering sized tubers. Despatched August-April. This attractive, delicate-looking but hardy climber has masses of thread-like stems which climb into any available vegetation. Related to the common Nasturtium you can grow it in the . Tropaeolum is a genus of about species native to South America in the. Those that are in the know realise that this . Un petit focus sur le tropaeolum tricolor.

Certaines espèces de capucines sont vraiment admirables.

Le tropaeolum tricolor est une plante tricolore comme son . Like a shoal of tropical fish swimming among the pond weed. A delicately built herbaceous climber, and definitely one for . Petites fleurs rouge, vert et jaune. Les produits de nos partenaires.

Masses of blue, red and yellow pouched flowers clothe the plant Mar-Jun, hardy climber, best planted when . Geófita trepadora provista de tubérculo. Cáliz rojo con el borde azul oscuro, con un espolón largo. Pétalos pequeños de color amarillo. Last year this was so fantastic in the tunnel that I resolved to have a go outside, I had to wait until late in the year before the large pot full had . Tricolorum (or tricolor) means three coloure of course.

A wide selection of unusual bulbs grown on the nursery. Trilliums, Frits, Lilies, Corydalis and others. Bulbs for the woodland and the rockery. Camellia tricolor, de M. Acacia prostrata, de M.

I have always loved this plant. It always makes me think of a shoal of little tropical fish. Leaves digitate, to 2cm wide, composed of five to seven obovate leaflets. CAPUCINE TRICOLOR, OCTANDRIE MONOGYNre.


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